Business Terminal.

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Business Terminal Support

Online Trading for Offline Commodities

Business Terminal is an online trading platform enabling users to trade offline goods internationally. Users can communicate with each other directly for business. Platform is not limited to corporate clientele and is open to all types of traders worldwide.

Business Terminal is primarily designed to trade only offline goods and not stocks, bonds or any other electronic trading instruments. For example, oil barrels, precious metals, medical supplies, food and other general and precious goods are available for trading.

Policies of Privacy and Security, Terms of Use and Cookies, using the platform fall under terms of Stankevicius International Limited. Please note that you should be responsible for data you are adding to your trades and sending it to other users. Stankevicius International Limited does not take responsibility for data losses or breaches.

Users can view available trades that are added by other traders. Users can also add new trades to the trade pool. Users can choose to add trades with verification or without. Users can also report other trades and those trades will be marked appropriately. Users are enabled with direct communication chat tools without any obligations or limitations.

Business Terminal Access

To access Business Terminal, you have to be a consulting client of Stankevicius International Limited. You can submit the account opening request here.

Use your username and password provided to you by Stankevicius International Limited to login in here.

For private client account opening, submit request here »